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All businesses should have the option of maximum exposure with minimum cost. Place a listing as low as $10.00/month. We offer a wide range of options for businesses. We offer listings, web pages, job postings, coupons, and sale items. See pricing for a full list of cost options.
There is no additional cost for placement, each listing is in alphabetical order, by name or by product/service. Included in the price add up to 4 photos. If you do not see a plan that works for you, please let us know.
Include all information you would like to display on your listing: name, address, phone, email, website, photos, images, description of products and services, payment methods, coupons, sale items, and anything else you would like to add.

Go to the sign up options and sign up via email or print a form to mail or email. Please note that the business listing charge is for 1 location. If you have additional locations, please email for information on price savings.
Check out our other options: sale items, coupons, and/or webpage. In addition, if you have items you would like to sell online, we have the AC Gift Exchange online store available for some products. 
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We offer a range of options:
* Business Listing - to include name, address, phone number,
email address, 4 thumbnail photos, and description of your products/services...for only $10.00/month.
*Website link - free if a link to AC Gift Exchange Resource Network, if no link, there is an additional charge ($2.00/mth.).
*Webpage - A full webpage within our site. Category listing included in the price.
*Forms - Add printable forms: menus, catalogs, business cards, application, etc.
* Coupons - Add printable coupons...weekly, monthly, or yearly.
* Sale items - Add printable sale item sheet(s)...weekly or monthly.
*Job Posts - Add job posts.
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