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Our referral program offers an opportunity for individuals, businesses, and organizations to earn extra money, while increasing exposure of the affordable listings.

How the program works: Sign up via online or printable form. We will email you a unique referral number and printable referral cards. All you will need to do is hand out the referral cards. You will receive a commission check of 20% of all income earned through your referral number. Commissions will be paid by the end of the following month. A monthly statement will be emailed showing the list of where the referrals came from and how much commission is generate.

1. Items not subject to commission(if applicable): shipping, handling, printing, design and layout costs, and taxes.

2. Must be 18 years or older to participate.

3. All referral listings get first month free.

4. Commission paid only when income is received.

5. Individuals receive commission income for a period of 3 years of each referral. Businesses and organizations receive commission income for 5 years of each referral.

6. No limit on amount of commission earned.

7. No limint on number of referrals.

8. One referral number per customer and one referral number per listing.

9. All income will be reported to the IRS. You will receive a statement or a 1099, depending on amount of total commission.

10. School, cities, and towns may choose between donations or commission. Schools, cities, and towns not eligible for both.

11. Individuals, businesses, and organizations are responsible for any taxes incurred from income.

12. Listings can be cancelled at anytime.

13. Individuals, businesses, and organization are responsible for changing their address if they move. If no change of address is placed, any returned checks are forfeited.

14. If a business, organization, or individual ceases to exist, for any reason, commission income cannot be transferred.

15. If a business or organization is sold or changes owners, commission can not be transferred to the new owners or cannot be transferred from a business commission to an individual commission.

16. In the event a monthly ad is cancelled and then relisted months later, any referral income will paid on the original referral number.

                (All above rules/limitations/regulations may be changed at anytime)
A percentage of monthly business listing income is donated to eligible towns and schools. See donations for eligibility and current donations.
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